2018-2019 Board

The 2018-2019 Princeton ACM Student Chapter is run by these fools:

Chair: Theodore Ando ‘20 Theodore Ando (‘20) is a Canada-born, California-made Chicagoan studying COS. Ask him anything about algorithm design or natural language processing. Outside of ACM, which was the first club he joined at Princeton, he plays table tennis alongside Pton Olympians, watches Netflix Marvel shows, and enjoys excessively using his Nespresso machine (he’s always looking for tips to improve his amateur latte art). He loves hearing ideas to make ACM more fun, accessible, and inclusive–so stop by Code@Night to make a suggestion, have a chat, or just to say hi!

Vice Chair: Andrew Wonnacott ‘19 Andrew Wonnacott ‘19 is a junior in the computer science major with a love of all computer science, from systems to theory. You can find him as a course assistant in your theory classes and responding to Piazza at unusual hours. He also loves bicycling and public transportation, and plans to develop software systems for electronic trading in New York, combining all of these interests. Fun fact: Andrew met Maryam at the first Code@Night their freshman fall!

Competitions: Maryam Bahrani ‘19, Nathan Mytelka ‘19 Maryam Bahrani ‘19 is a junior in the computer science department but a mathematician at heart. As a freshman, she made it a goal to take every theory course offered in the CS department before she graduates. When she’s not working on problem sets or thinking about her research projects, she enjoys playing beach volleyball — even when there is still snow outside. A computer science major who sometimes pretends to be a history major, Nathan Mytelka ‘19 particularly appreciates how easily computer science applies to any circumstance, regularly applying algorithms gleaned in one context to another, completely different challenge. He has spent rather a lot of time at the gym this semester, reading Tolstoy while riding a stationary bike, but he always makes time during the summer to play board games and go hiking.

Treasurer/Secretary: Sahan Paliskara ‘21 [No image] [No bio]

Club Ambassador: Michael Hu ‘21 I’m a math-loving ORFE major from ATL. On campus, I am a dancer, dabbler in coding projects, and research assistant in the philosophy department. Always up for meeting new people and grabbing food, so hmu if you have any questions, suggestions, or event proposals for ACM!

Workshops: Lucas Salvador ‘21 Lucas Salvador ‘20 is a Computer Science student from the great, far-away land of Argentina! Lucas is very passionate about the two ends of computing: algorithm and system design. In his free time, he plays more video games than he physically has time to (we are not sure how this works either).

Careers: Lilly Meng ‘20 Lilly Meng ’20 is a computer science major interested in using technology to create meaningful user impact. In addition to ACM, she works with PAVE and Princeton Puzzle Hunt on campus. If she’s not on YouTube, she’s probably rambling about Broadway, looking for an open ping pong table, or napping. She hopes to plan events that will help make career navigation less stressful, so please drop a line with any suggestions!

Communications: Frankie Lam ‘21 Frankie Lam (’21) is a freshman from Hong Kong who can’t make up his mind between Computer Science BSE and Physics AB. He particularly enjoys algorithms and has been participating in competitive programming since high school. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, walking / running, and sleeping. In the future, he hopes to take part in developing AI and quantum computers.

Tech: David Wu ‘19 David Wu (‘19) is an MAE major specializing in existential crises. He believes in technology’s ability to empower everyone and hopes ACM can bring more people into its community. He is from Charlotte, NC and enjoys annoying people in his co-op and wandering around abandoned churches. He is an Army ROTC cadet and Chore Manager at Scully Co-op.

Design: Emma Thomas ’20 Emma Thomas ’20 is a COS major from Marietta, GA with a proclivity for studying Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American culture. She is involved with SIFP, Tiger Challenge, and is Vice President of the Quadrangle Club. Emma is passionate about communication, social entrepreneurship, and ramen.

You can reach the current ACM board here.