2017-2018 Board

The 2017-2018 Princeton ACM Student Chapter is run by these history makers:

Chair: Perry Cate
Perry Cate ‘19 is lucky enough to have been programming for some time now, and has been a member of ACM since his freshman fall. He gets especially excited about systems-level coding, backend development, and software architecture. This summer, he will be a production engineer intern at Facebook, working on networks and traffic routing. In his spare time he enjoys working on assorted side projects, singing in Princeton Acapellago, improv’ing with Lobster Club, beating his friends at Mario Kart Wii, and brainstorming new ways to help ACM grow. Please come to a Code@Night and say hello!

Vice Chair: Antony Toron
[No bio]

Treasurer/Secretary: Hector Solis
Hector Solis ‘19 is from Manassas, Virginia. He is studying Computer Science and has a passion for startups and entrepreneurship. In his free time, Hector likes to do long distance runs while taking in the scenery. For the second year in a row, he will be Treasurer/Secretary of ACM. He deals with funding for our Code@Nights and has helped organize bringing a team to ICPC 2017. This summer 2017 he has a tech internship with Capital One near his home in Virginia. He hopes to keep expanding upon the efforts of last year to make Princeton ACM a better community for all Princeton students.

Workshops Coordinators: Andrew Wonnacott, Rohan Doshi (Spring 2017)
[No bios]

Projects Coordinator: Daniel Stanley
Hi there! My (illegal, as opposed to legal) name is DanStan and I’m our Projects Coordinator. In my free time I coordinate some activities of my own, specifically in PAVE, Engineers without Borders, and the robotics club. I also play trumpet in the marching band and sing tenor in Acapellago (I also sometimes sing in band [Acapellago is just acapella though (hey that rhymed!)] [I also like nesting braces (unless it’s a Perl expression [your editor should check them for you (I checked this one in Sublime!)] [although I’ve never actually written Perl (but I’d go to an ACM workshop [those are awesome, go to them!] on learning it)])]).

Careers Chair: Rani Jaiswal
[No bio]

ICPC Chair: Daniel Leung
Daniel Leung (’20), from Sacramento, California, is pursuing a BSE degree in Computer Science. Initially, he had a tough time deciding on what to major in when coming to Princeton, but he decided on computer science because he loves the interdisciplinary nature and widespread applications of the field. As an ACM board member, he hopes to help others learn to love the field and find their niche. Daniel is also a part of the entrepreneurship club, dances for Sympoh (Princeton’s only breakdance group), and works with PAVE (Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering).

Publicity Chair: Richard Chu
Richard is from New Jersey and is studying computer science. He will be an intern at Amazon during the summer of 2017, and was previously a hackNY Fellow ‘15 and an intern at BuzzFeed. In his free time, he enjoys reading novels, writing short stories, taking walks, and playing video games. In the future, he wants to pursue work in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and help bring about the first superintelligent AI.

You can reach the current ACM board here.