2016-2017 Board

The 2016-2017 Princeton ACM Student Chapter was run by these swiggity-swaggity people:

Chair: Katherine Lee
Hi everyone! I’m a junior here and have been coding at night with ACM for the past three years! You can ask me about processing images, optimizations research, neural data, and K-6 education. In my spare time, you can find me teaching debate, working on vision and data analytics projects, belly dancing, and crocheting. I’m excited to be working with this awesome team to foster Princeton’s cs community and make it more inclusive. Please say hi at a Code@Night! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

Vice Chair: Rohan Doshi
Founder of JusText. Incoming Microsoft Software Intern. TigerTrek 2015 alum. Machine Learning Researcher & Enthusiast github.com/RohanDoshi2018. Dancer for Princeton Bhangra (competitive South Asian dance team). You will often find me at the local hackathon working on my latest side project.

Secretary/Treasurer: Hector Solis
Hector Solis ‘19 is from Manassas, Virginia. He is currently studying Computer Science and is interested in startups and entrepreneurship. In his free time, Hector likes to do long distance runs for fun. He is proud to be Secretary/Treasurer of ACM for this term and hopes to make the Princeton ACM chapter feel more like a tight-knit community.

Webmaster: Richard Chu
Richard is a sophomore studying computer science, and he loves to build side projects and learn new things. He was previously a hackNY Fellow ‘15 and an intern at BuzzFeed. He is the lead developer and designer for RU Direct, which is an Android app that helps Rutgers University students navigate their bus system. In the future, he is looking to pursue work in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and perhaps help bring about the first superintelligent AI.

Outreach: Omar Mudokan
As an aspiring computer scientist with a background in engineering and biomedical sciences carrying a special zeal for high-tech entrepreneurship, Omar looks to integrate his skills in computational science and programming with his passion for high-impact innovation to effect positive change and progress in this world. He studies computer science at Princeton University and has a specific interest in robotics and artificial intelligence. In his free time, he enjoys working on projects in autonomous vehicle engineering and robotics and reading about astrophysics, medicine, and entrepreneurship.

Career Chair: Antony Toron
Hello everyone! I am a freshman and prospective computer science major, here at Princeton. My first exposure to coding came early in my high school career, with Arduinos, where I started to become interested with the concept of being able to communicate with and manipulate technology to perform specific functions. Now, I have been extremely interested in computer science ever since coming to Princeton and being exposed to all of the possibilities within the field. Though I like to have many extracurricular activities like hockey, tennis, and art, I have a particular affinity for computer science, which is what drew me to becoming a bigger part of ACM. Within computer science, I am very interested in developing projects that interact directly with users and have real world applications. As a result, writing code in Android Studio is a hobby of mine, along with branching out to learn new languages not discussed within regular coursework. I hope that in the future, my excitement with computer science can translate to other people and contribute to a tight-knit computer science community on campus.

You can reach the current ACM board here.