2011-2012 Board

Chair: Emily Lancaster

Emily is a computer science major. She studies computer science because she recognizes how the world is dependent on technology and wants to learn more about software and computers so she can exploit them. Upon graduation, Emily plans to become a super villain and take over the world. She wants you to be a CS major too so you can join her.

Vice Chair: Christopher Triolo

Chris adores making long “to do” lists and convincing people to help him check things off. Next on his list is persuading you to come to all of our ACM events, and then locating Hermione’s time-turner to fit even more activities into a day.

Secretary/Treasurer: Rafi Romero

Rafi manages the chapter’s treasure and writes about the chapter’s shenanigans.

Events Chair: Momchil Tomov

Momchil really wants you to join the ACM, the Programming Team, and the COS department. Seriously.

Webmaster: Jim Tao

Jim is a theoretical computer scientist. He likes to follow gossipy cryptographic protocol specs. He edits the Princeton ACM website.

Programming Team Captain: Eddy Ferreira

Eddy is in charge of the Programming Team.