Teddy Bear Programming

In the past year, ACM has worked hard to expand Teddy Bear Programming. This initiative brings together two people to program something cool – hobby projects, competition practice, assignments, anything of your choice. It aims to foster learning experiences and friendships centered around building cool things. And of course, Teddy Bear Programming is irresistibly cute and cuddly.

The idea is that people program better with a teddy bear to listen. Hey, you weren’t the only kid sitting alone in the corner of your room, huddled with your laptop and your best pal teddy, murmuring code into its scruffy ear.

To much success, we have held numerous Teddy hack sessions and even the great first-ever Teddy Bear Programming Extravaganza (with actual teddy bears!!!) which took place on March 28, 2014 in the Carl Icahn Atrium, pre-HackPrinceton. What better way is there to warm up for a thrilling hackathon?

How does Teddy Bear Programming work? You sign up to be either a main programmer or a secondary programmer.

The main programmer does most of the programming and explains what they’re doing. It’s their project that you’re working on. They gratefully respond to the secondary programmer’s questions and suggestions. Meanwhile the secondary programmer watches the primary programmer and provides helpful feedback, questions, and suggestions.

Interested? Join the Teddy Bear hype train! Contact us to learn more and get involved with Teddy Bear Programming.