Linux OS Linux is the world’s most popular operating system and it allows anyone to program at the boundary of hardware and software. If you like to tinker and to see how your code interacts with the real world, then come hangout with us at Code@Night! We will start by looking at drivers for the raspberry pi and working with LEDS and basic sensors to get a feel for the code. This will give you the knowledge to play with the kernel, make a customized OS for your own machine, or develop a new sensor!

Frooder Frooder, a.k.a. the Free Food Finder, is a project that aims to notify people of the free food on campus in a personalized and contextual manner. For example, if someone only wants to know about free pizza after 9pm that was posted less than X min ago, and is located within Y meters of their current location. We mostly need iOS/Android developers at this point, so please reach out if you’re interested!

Lumen Lumen is a personalized course search and recommendation system that was created as a COS 435 final project last spring. It aims to make course selection more pleasant by taking into account one’s course history + ratings to give personalized results. We mostly need front-end developers to help redesign the UI, but if you’re interested in IR, ML, NLP, or graphical models, you’re welcome to contribute as well!

ProvaSport ProvaSport aims to build a digital community for amateur athletes via tournament management tools, gamified achievements, wearable connectivity and intelligent matchmaking. iOS and Android prototypes were completed in May in React Native. This semester we are looking to roll out matchmaking and scheduling algorithms, overhaul the design and some backend components and engage and test with our customers in the field.

Sustainable Software Initiative The Sustainable Software Initiative (SSI) is a student group committed to addressing campus sustainability challenges through software applications. SSI provides a platform for students to learn software development through impactful sustainability-focused projects. This semester we will be working on a web application built with Meteor and React that visualizes campus energy data from the TigerEnergy API. The project is designed to teach the basics of web development in preparation for SSI’s “showcase” projects next semester. In project meetings we will cover best practices in Git, launching a web application, React design philosophy, configuring a MongoDB database, making API requests, and visualizing data using the D3 library.

If you want to start a new ACM project or join an existing one, please contact us. Thanks!