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Code@Night with Predata Tomorrow!

We’re gonna be coding at night with Predata, a NYC-based startup that uses data science and machine learning to… PREDICT THE FUTURE! Their goal is to predict crises and major world events for clients using conversations on social media to determine the amount of political volatility in an area. If you’ve ever non-ironically said that you’re “into machine learning” or that “data science is probably going to be important someday”, this is the team for you. Collin Stedmann ‘15 will be presenting. I’ll be reprising my Hack Princeton web design class where we make a really rough approximation of Rap Genius (Rap Novice). I’ll also show off some Javascript transcompilers like Babel if you’re not ready to hop on board the JS-is-the-only-language future we’re heading towards.

RSVP here!

Code@Night and STEM Meetup!

STEM Meetup (October 8)

Career Services is having a meetup of tech companies at their location above the U-Store this Thursday at 5. Bloomberg, Delphix, and BNY Mellon will be speaking, and plenty of other companies will be coming as well. RSVP here, and let me know if you want to volunteer to help set up or clean up with me!

Code@Night (October 9)

After you go to the tech career fair on Friday, come our second Code@Night in Frist 206 and 208. David Bieber ‘14 and Greg Owen ‘15 will be there to speak about Nest and Databricks, both of which are super exciting companies working with Spark, which is a framework for large-scale data processing. We’ll also have interview prep and delicious food from Hoagie Haven. RSVP here!

Career Chair Application (due Friday)

Want to help run mock interview prep and earn my undying love and devotion? Apply to be our new career chair and help everyone figure out how the whole job thing works. You’ll mainly be expected to help out teach interview prep classes and organize one-on-one mock interviews. Apply here by Friday.

Code@Night and Froyo Chats!

Two things:

First, we’re bucking the trend of coffee chats and instituting FROYO CHATS. Big moves, right? Come and discuss Fall 2015-2016 course selection with your friends over froyo from Sketch, courtesy of ACM. Fill out this form with your time preferences and we’ll get back to you Friday night with which time slot you’re in. Upperclassmen are definitely encouraged to sign up!

Second, there will be a Code@Night with APT this Friday in Frist 302. The talk is titled “How to scale beyond a startup” and will be about, you guessed it, scaling a company’s technology past the startup stage.

Code@Night with Anna Kornfeld Simpson!

Come hear about COS grad school at this week’s Code@Night!

Anna Kornfeld Simpson ‘14, currently a PhD student studying computer security at University of Washington, will talk about why you might want to go to grad school, how to prepare and apply, and how grad school differs from doing independent work or thesis at Princeton. The talk will have thoughts for all class years, and there will be Q&A afterwards, so bring your questions!

As usual, it will be held in Frist 307 and 309 at 9PM until late.

Code@Night with Open Source at Princeton

We have two great events lined up for you! Join us at Frist 302, 307, and 309 from 9PM to 2AM – there will be pizza and fruit!

9-10 pm: Curious about contributing to open source software? Join Open Source at Princeton to get started contributing to OpenMRS, the world’s leading open-source medical records platform, or Ubuntu, one of the most widely used Linux distributions.

10-11 pm: Scott Draves of Two Sigma will give a talk about Beaker Notebook and help students contribute to it. Beaker is a polyglot web-based IDE allowing you to work in many languages simultaneously. It’s targeted at research, data analysis, and visualization, but it’s open source and you can use it to do almost anything. Program in Python, R, Javascript, Groovy, Julia, Ruby, LaTeX, and HTML – all at the same time and on the same page!

Scott Draves is a member of the Beaker Development Team and a pioneering software artist best known for creating the Electric Sheep distributed computing project. Check out his website for more information.

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